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If you want to flaunt your business and have people put their trust in you, know that showing off your products and putting them in a good light is very important. Your website and the advertisements that are going to speak of your brand. Ever since e-commerce started growing more and more, people have become loyal to the products by what they see online on websites or media. 

By not putting fine images of your products on your website you may be losing a large audience. Product photography is not a short-term plan but a long-term investment to grow your business. Product photography makes your customers believe that your business really cares for them, It really cares for their needs, and fears which will strive them to become your loyal customers who repeatedly purchase your products.

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Frequently asked questions

What I'll be getting in this ?

You will be getting High Resolution Images of your products that you can use on your website, social media, banners, posters or brochures.

What is the Turn Around Time?

We will usually provide you with completely edited pictures within 6-8 days after the shoot. On days with high demand it may take upto 9-10 days to give you the final pictures of your Products.

What If I have some corrections in the Pictures?

Once we understand your needs, there will be no room for errors. But in case ther are any revisions with the pictures, we will do all of them free of cost. We do not charge for any other minor corrections as well.

What is On-Site Shoot?

If you have space at your home or office, our team can set up the studio and neccessary equipments at your place to do the shoots infront of you. This is an On-Demand Chargeable Service.

How do I have to Pay for the Shoot?

30% charges have to be paid while booking the Shoot. Rest 50% charges on the day of shoot and the rest 20% after you get your edited Pictures. We also accept payment through Paytm, PhonePay, MobikWik, GPay, BhimUPI as well as online Bank Transfer.

Will I be getting a Receipt of the Shoot?

Yes. We'll be providing the reciepts of all the shoots as well as proper documents will be given with each and everything mentioned on it related to the shoot.

How Can I choose a Model for my shoot?

Once you finalize the deal with us, We'll share the portfolios of the models so that you can choose your own preferred model.

What kind of Products you shoot for?

We shoot almost all type of Products including Shoes, Jewelerry, Food Items, Mens/Womens clothing, Electronic Gadgets, Beauty Products, etc

What is a Barter Deal ?

In a Barter Deal, We'll do the commercial shoots of your product for free, but in return we'll be keeping the products. This is the best way to get Professional Pictures if you just have a few products for the Shoot.

Is there any Minimum Products for a barter deal ?

Yes. For a Barter Deal, Minimum of 3 Products has to be there. Maximum of 5 Products can be taken in for a Shoot at a single time by a Single Brand/Individual.